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 C                 Alphabetical G.I.  Index of Common Foods
 Low GI Foods ( Green Zone Foods )
 Canola oil
 Capellini pasta, boiled
 Cheese , fat-free
 Chicken breast, skinless
 Chocolate, white, Milky Bar®
 Club soda
 Cottage cheese , 1% or fat-free
 Cottage cheese, 1% or low-fat
 Crispbread , with high fiber
 Medium GI Foods  ( Yellow Zone Foods )
 Canned apricot, in juice or water
 Cheese, low fat
 Chicken leg, skinless
 Chicken noodle, canned
 Corn oil
 Cranberry, non-sweet
 Cream cheese, light
 Crispbread, with fiber
 Custard apples
 High GI Foods  ( Red Zone Foods )

 Calrose white medium grain rice, boiled
 Canned fruits, in syrup
 Cereal/Granola bars
 Chocapic™ breakfast cereal
 Coconut milk
 Coconut oil
 Coffee, regular
 Cold cereals
 Corn Chex™ breakfast cereal
 Corn pasta, gluten-free, boiled
 Corn syrup
 Cottage cheese ( whole or 2% )
 Cream cheese
 Crispbread ( regular )

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