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 S                 Alphabetical G.I.  Index of Common Foods
 Low GI Foods ( Green Zone Foods )

 Salad dressing ,low-fat, low sugar
 Salsa , no added sugar
 Seafood, canned in water
 Seafood, fresh or frozen
 Snow peas
 Soft margarine
 Soup, lentil, canned
 Soy cheese, low fat
 Soy milk , plain, low fat
 Soy sauce , low sodium
 Spaghetti, Linguine
 Special K®
 Sugar twin
 Sweet potato
 Swiss chard

 Medium GI Foods  ( Yellow Zone Foods )
 Salad dressings, light
 Sauces, with vegetables, non-sweet
 Sesame oil
 Shredded Wheat Bran
 Soft margarine, non-hydrogenated
 Sour cream, light
 Sugar alcohols
 Sultanas, raw
 Sunflower oil
 Sunrice Doongara® rice
 Sweet potatoes
 High GI Foods  ( Red Zone Foods )
 Salad dressing, regular
 Sauces, with added cheese
 Sauces, with added meat
 Sauces, with added sucrose
 Sauces, with added sugar
 Soft drinks, regular
 Soups, cream-based
 Sour cream
 Special K™ breakfast cereal
 Split pea, canned
 Strawberry processed fruit bars, Real Fruit Bars
 Sugar, all types
 Sultana Bran®
 Sweetened juice
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