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 P                 Alphabetical G.I.  Index of Common Foods
 Low GI Foods ( Green Zone Foods )

 Pasta bake, tomato and mozzarella
 Peach, canned in natural juice
 Peaches, canned in water
 Peaches, in juice or water
 Pears, canned in water
 Pears, in juice or water
 Peas, black-eyed
 Peas, split
 Peppers, hot
 Performax™ bread
 Pinto beans
 Pork tenderloin
 Porridge , old-fashioned rolled oats
 Potatoes, boiled
 Pumpernickel bread

 Medium GI Foods  ( Yellow Zone Foods )

 Peaches, in syrup
 Peanut oil
 Pear, non-sweet
 Pears, in syrup
 Pineapple, non-sweet
 Pita ( whole wheat )
 Pita bread, white, unleavened (Canada)
 Popcorn, air popped
 Pork, centre loin/fresh ham/shank/sirloin/top loin
 Potatoes, boiled
 Premium® Classic

 High GI Foods  ( Red Zone Foods )
 Palm oil
 Pasta, with meat
 Pastas, canned
 Peanut butter, regular or light
 Popcorn, regular
 Potato chips
 Potatoes, baked
 Potatoes, instant
 Potatoes, mashed
 Puffed Wheat®
 Pureed vegetable, canned
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