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 Bests of Low GI Foods:
Tortilla: A thin disk of  unleavened bread made from masa or wheat flour and baked on a hot surface.
  Food: Wheat tortilla (Mexican) Mexico
  Glycemic Index Value: 30
Glycemic Index Range:
  Serve Size: 50
  Carb per Serve (g): 20.7
  Glycemic Load Value: 6.2

How to apply a Low GI Diet ( It's all about balance)
Low GI Diet means eating smart, choosing Low GI foods.

Low GI Diet is nothing but swapping high GI carbs for low GI ones in the same group, Choosing right carbs to eat. For example, choose Porridge or Muesli  instead of Corn Flakes. For achieving a successful Low GI Diet, simply follow these tips:

o Eat  at least three low GI foods throughout the day, ideally one at each
   meal. All carbohydrates that you eat do not need to be low GI.
o Do not avoid all high GI foods, but try and eat them with
   low or intermediate GI foods whenever possible. This will decrease the
   average GI of the meal.
o Consider low saturated fat, high carbohydrate foods with each meal and snack.
o Spread the amount of carbohydrate you eat evenly throughout the day.
Also try to:
o Eat breakfast cereals based on oats, barley and bran
o Eat breads with wholegrains, stone-ground flour, sour dough
o Eat less potato
o Eat from all types of  fruit and vegetables
o Eat Basmati, Doongara or Japanese koshihikari rice instead of Jasmine rice
o Eat and enjoy pasta, noodles and quinoa
o Eat plenty of salad vegetables with a vinaigrette dressing
Remember that the Low GI Diet is just one part healthy eating. Don't forget to:

o Eat at regular times
o Eat from a variety of food groups
o Limit sugar and sweets
o Eat less fat
o Include foods high in fibre
o Limit salt, alcohol and caffeine

o Drink plenty of water
o Choose heart healthy fats such as canola and olive oil

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