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About G.I. Food Zones
Based on their GI values, foods are categorized into three zones:

o Green Zone Foods, Low GI foods, are foods with a GI less than 55. They cause a slower and lower rise in blood glucose levels. Mostly fruits and vegetables, these foods are low in fat and calories. Try to eat these foods more often.

Examples are Porridge, Apple and Lentil.

o Yellow Zone Foods, Medium GI foods, are foods with a GI between 55 and 70. They cause blood glucose levels to go up at a moderate rate. These foods are higher in fat or calories than green-light foods. Take these foods occasionally.

Examples are Pineapple, New Potato and Basmati rice.

o Red Zone Foods, High GI foods, are foods with a GI greater than 70. They cause a rapid rise in blood glucose levels. These foods are high
in sugar or fat.  Try to avoid these foods.

Examples include sweets, watermelon and junk food.

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