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 Bests of Low GI Foods:
Tortilla: A thin disk of  unleavened bread made from masa or wheat flour and baked on a hot surface.
  Food: Wheat tortilla (Mexican) Mexico
  Glycemic Index Value: 30
Glycemic Index Range:
  Serve Size: 50
  Carb per Serve (g): 20.7
  Glycemic Load Value: 6.2

Glycemic Index Range
      55 or less           56 - 69            70 or more
Low GI Foods Intermediate GI Foods High GI Foods
 Burgen Soy-Lin®,
 PerforMAX®, fruit loaf,
 Vogel's honey and oat®
 Breakfast Cereals
 All Bran fruit'n oats®,
 All Bran®, Guardian®,
 porridge, Special K®,
 Rice Bran
 Barley, Pasta (all types),
 Noodles, Bulgur,
 All Beans (eg kidney,
 soy, baked bean, etc…)
 peas, and lentils
 Starchy Vegetables
 Sweet potato, taro
 Cherries, grapefruit,
 peach, dried apricots,
 apple, pear, plums,
 orange, grapes, kiwi
 fruit, banana
 Skim milk
 Plain Yogurt
 Soy beverage
 Pumpernickel bread
 Al dente (firm) pasta
 Chick peas
 Hamburger bun, rye
 bread, croissant, light
 rye, crumpet,
 Whole wheat bread
 Breakfast Cereals
 Oatbran, untoasted
 muesli, Just Right®,
 Nutri Grain®,
 Sustain®, Weet-Bix®
 Shredded wheat cereal
 Basmati rice, wild rice,
 Sunrice Doongara®
 rice, Mahatma
 Premium® Classic,
 couscous, cornmeal,
 tapioca, Brown rice
 Starchy Vegetables
 New potato
 Sultanas, raw and
 canned apricots, mango,
 paw paw, raisins,
 rockmelon, pineapple
 White bread, bagel,
 gluten-free bread
 Breakfast Cereals
 Sultana Bran®,
 Bran Flakes®, Coco
 Pops®, Puffed Wheat®,
 Rice Bubbles®,
 Rice Krispies™
 Brown rice, calrose rice,
 jasmine rice, Instant rice
 Broad beans
 Starchy Vegetables
 Other potatoes, parsnip,
 Instant mashed potatoes,
 Baked white potato
 french fries,
 Watermelon, Dried dates
 Ice cream
 Digestive cookies
 Table sugar (sucrose)
 Soda crackers
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