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 Bests of Low GI Foods:
Tortilla: A thin disk of  unleavened bread made from masa or wheat flour and baked on a hot surface.
  Food: Wheat tortilla (Mexican) Mexico
  Glycemic Index Value: 30
Glycemic Index Range:
  Serve Size: 50
  Carb per Serve (g): 20.7
  Glycemic Load Value: 6.2

Glycemic Index Facts & FAQs

o Why some foods does not appear in GI list?
Following foods contain no carbohydrate, or so little that their GI can't be tested as GI is a measure of carbohydrate quality, not quantity:
Beef, chicken, fish, tofu, eggs, nuts, seeds, avocadoes, many fruits (including berries) and vegetables, wine, beer and spirits.
o Why does some variability happens in the GI rank for the same food types?
There is some variability in the GI for the same foods. For instance, baked potato has GIs that vary from 55 to 111. One reason is that different types of potatoes may contain different types of starches, amylose, amylopectin. Sometimes GI testing groups are not experienced using venous blood which gives more variability than capillary blood. Some manufacturers may change the formulation of their product by reducing the fat content for example. GI values of some foods has been tested on diabetic patients and may be higher than that seen in the normal population.
o Should diabetics avoid High GI vegetables?
Definitely not, because, unlike potatoes and cereal products, these vegetables are very low in carbohydrate. So, in spite of their high GI, their glycemic load (GI x carb per serve divided by 100) is low. Vegetables contain only small amounts of carbohydrate but loads of micronutrients and should be considered as "free foods". Eat them all you like!
o What is the difference between glycemic index (GI) and glycemic load (GL)?
Glycemic Load builds on the GI to provide a measure of the total glycemic response to a food or meal. Glycemic Index states quality of a food while Glycemic Load, GL, implies quantity.
Glycemic Load builds on the GI to provide a measure of the total glycemic response to a food or meal
Glycemic load = GI x amount of carbohydrate (grams) divided by 100
     Example: 50 grams, one serve, of Mexican peanut (GI = 23):
     GL= (23 x 4.5 grams carb/serve*) / 100 = ~1
     * 5o grams of Mexican peanut contains 4.5 grams carbohydrate
Each GL unit equals to glycemic response of 1 gram glucose
A typical daily diet has almost 100 GL units (range 60 - 180)
Glycemic Load Per Day
          < 80                           > 120


o Why there is no GI rank for alcoholic beverages (beer, wine and spirits)?
Glycemic Index, GI, is a scale for classifying carbohydrate-rich foods. Alcoholic beverages contain very little carbohydrate thus there is no GI scales for Beverages. Same story applies for beef, chicken, fish, tofu, eggs, nuts, seeds, avocadoes and many fruits .
o Why the GI of potato chips or French fries is lower than baked potatoes?
Large amounts of fat in foods, French fries for instance , tends to slow the rate of stomach emptying and therefore the rate at which foods are digested leading to a falsely low GI rank. Consume preferably foods that contain good fat, avocadoes, nuts and legumes. Leave foods containing saturated fat for special occasions, cakes and biscuits.
o Most breads and potatoes have a high GI. Should I avoid them?
Although most breads and potatoes have a high GI, but they can play an important role in a high carb/low fat diet, even if your goal is to reduce the overall GI. Exchange high GI breads and potatoes for lower GI alternatives.
o Is low GI diet suitable for celiac disease (gluten sensitivity)?
Yes. Asian foods like Indian dahls, stir-fries with rice, sushi, noodles are all both low GI and wheat-free. Other choices are vermicelli noodles prepared from rice or mung beans and low GI rice such as basmati. In case of lactose intolerance live cultured yoghurts and lactose-hydrolyzed milks are useful.
o Is a low GI diet suitable for vegetarians?
Most vegetarians are already on low GI diet by consuming beans, lentils and other legumes all among the lowest GI foods.Quorn is also a great meat substitute with no GI as it has almost no carbohydrate (2 g/100 g). Legumes should be a daily part of any vegetarian diet for  protein. Almost all the low GI foods are suitable as part of a vegetarian diet.

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