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 Bests of Low GI Foods:
 Garbanzo Beans
 O  Cicer arietinum
 O  Fabaceae Family
  Food: Garbanzo Beans
  Glycemic Index Value: 28
Glycemic Index Range:
 Garbanzo beans:
 O  are a good source of fiber
 O  are a good source of zinc and protein
 O  are useful as a meat substitute
 O  contain no cholesterol

 M                       Alphabetic GI Values of Foods  GI (Vs Glucose) *
 M&M's 33
 Macadamia Nuts 0
 Macaroni plain/boiled (Turkey) 48
 Macaroni plain/boiled 5 min 45
 Macaroni and Cheese /boxed 64
 Maltose (50 g test portion) 105
 Mango (Australia) 51
 Mango (India) 60
 Mango (Philippines) 41
 Marrowfat peas dried/boiled (Canada) 47
 Marrowfat peas dried/boiled (USA) 31
 Mars Bar® (Australia) 62
 Mars Bar® (USA) 68
 Mashed Potato 92
 Melba Toast 70
 Mesquite cake (Pima Indian ) 25
 Milk (Skimmed) 32
 Milk Arrowroot™ biscuits 69
 Milk condensed/sweetened 61
 Milk low-fat/chocolate/sugar Lite White™ 34
 Millet boiled (Canada) 71
 Millet flour porridge (Kenya) 107
 Mixed nuts and raisins 21
 Mixed nuts roasted and salted 24
 Morning Coffee™ biscuits 79
 Morning Sun Muesli (Apricot & Almond) 49
 Muchi cake(Japan) 48
 Muesli /fruit and nut 59
 Muesli natural 40
 Muesli, whole wheat 56
 Multi-grain batch bread 62
 Mung Beans 31
 Mung bean noodles dried/boiled 39
* GI value for Glucose is 100
(Gl Index Foods )
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