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 Bests of Low GI Foods:
 Garbanzo Beans
 O  Cicer arietinum
 O  Fabaceae Family
  Food: Garbanzo Beans
  Glycemic Index Value: 28
Glycemic Index Range:
 Garbanzo beans:
 O  are a good source of fiber
 O  are a good source of zinc and protein
 O  are useful as a meat substitute
 O  contain no cholesterol

 P                       Alphabetic GI Values of Foods  GI (Vs Glucose) *
 POM Wonderful® Grape Juice/no added sugars 58
 Pancake Cheela (India) 40
 Pancakes buckwheat/gluten-free/made from packet mix 102
 Pancakes prepared from shaker mix 67
 Papaya 60
 Parsnips (Canada) 97
 Pasta bake tomato and mozzarella 23
 Pea green/frozen/boiled (Canada) 39
 Peach raw (Canada) 28
 Peach raw (Italy) 56
 Peaches (Canned) 38
 Peanuts (Canada) 13
 Peanuts (Mexico) 23
 Peanuts M & M's® 33
 Peanuts crushed (South Africa) 7
 Pear raw (Canada) 33
 Pear raw (Italy) 42
 Pears (Canned) 44
 Pecan Nuts 0
 Pelde brown rice 76
 Peppers 0
 Pineapple (Australia) 66
 Pineapple (Philippines) 51
 Pineapple juice/unsweetened 46
 Pinto Beans canned 45
 Pita Bread 57
 Pizza Hut Pan/11.4% fat 36
 Pizza Hut/Super Supreme/13.2% fat 30
 Pizza Hut/Vegetarian Supreme/7.8% fat 49
 Pizza cheese 60
 Pizza plain dough/parmesan cheese/tomato sauce 80
 Plantain unripe(Ghana) 40
 Plum raw/Canada 24
 Plum raw/Italy 53
 Pop Tarts™ - double choc 70
 Popcorn 72
 Pork 0
 Porridge /raw rolled oats 42
 Porridge Oats/traditional 51
 Porridge 58
 Potato Chips 54
 Potato Russet Burbank/baked without fat (USA) 111
 Potato crisps plain/salted 57
 Potato microwaved (USA) 82
 Pound Cake 54
 Pretzels 83
 Probiotic yoghurt/prune 44
 Probiotic yoghurt/strawberry 52
 Proti Pasta boiled (USA) 28
 Prunes pitted 29
 Puffed Wheat breakfast cereal 73
 Puffed rice cake/caramel flavoured 82
 Puffed rice cakes small/caramel flavoured 82
 Pumpernickel Bread 41
 Pumpkin (South Africa) 75
 Pure Capilano honey 58
* GI value for Glucose is 100
(Gl Index of Foods )
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