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 Bests of Low GI Foods:
 Garbanzo Beans
 O  Cicer arietinum
 O  Fabaceae Family
  Food: Garbanzo Beans
  Glycemic Index Value: 28
Glycemic Index Range:
 Garbanzo beans:
 O  are a good source of fiber
 O  are a good source of zinc and protein
 O  are useful as a meat substitute
 O  contain no cholesterol

GI Value of the Foods ( GI of Rice )
Arborio risotto rice/boiled
Basmati rice Indian/boiled 8 min
Basmati rice organic/boiled 10 min
Basmati rice white/boiled
Broken rice white/cooked in rice cooker
Brown rice boiled (Canada)
Brown rice steamed (USA)
Calrose brown rice boiled
Doongara rice brown/high amylose
Gem long grain rice/boiled
Instant doongara rice white/cooked 5 min
Instant rice white/boiled 1 min (Canada)
Instant rice white/cooked 6 min/Trice brand (Australia)
Jasmine rice white long grain/cooked in rice cooker
Long grain rice boiled 5 min (Canada)
Long grain rice white/Mahatma brand
Pelde brown rice
Quick Cook Rice (long grain/cooked)
Stuffed Grapevine Leaves (rice/lamb/tomato sauce)
White Rice boiled
White rice boiled (Kenya)
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