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 Bests of Low GI Foods:
 Garbanzo Beans
 O  Cicer arietinum
 O  Fabaceae Family
  Food: Garbanzo Beans
  Glycemic Index Value: 28
Glycemic Index Range:
 Garbanzo beans:
 O  are a good source of fiber
 O  are a good source of zinc and protein
 O  are useful as a meat substitute
 O  contain no cholesterol

 R                       Alphabetic GI Values of Foods  GI (Vs Glucose) *
 Raisin Bran™ 61
 Raisin Bran™ breakfast cereal 61
 Raisins 64
 Red Gum honey (35% fructose) (Australia) 46
 Red Wine 0
 Red kidney beans soaked overnight/boiled 60 min 51
 Resource™ thickened orange juice/nectar consistency 54
 Revival® Soy Pasta - Thin Spaghetti 47
 Rice Bubbles™ breakfast cereal/plain puffed rice 83
 Rice Krispies™ breakfast cereal 82
 Rice noodles dried/boiled 61
 Rice pasta brown/boiled 16 min 92
 Rich Tea Biscuit (Canada) 55
 Risotto 69
 Rockmelon Cantaloupe/raw (Australia) 65
 Rye Bread 58
 Rye crispbread, Ryvita brand 63
 Ryvita™ rye crispbread (Canada) 69
* GI value for Glucose is 100
(Gl Index UK )
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