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 GI Rating of the Breads
 GI Value of Oat Bran Bread 50%

  Food Oat Bran Bread 50%
  Glycemic Index Value:  
  Glycemic Index Range:
  Low GI foods = GI value less than 55
Medium GI foods = GI value between 55 and 69
High GI foods  = GI value greater than 70

 Food's Personality: Breads

o  A staple since prehistoric times, bread is made from grains that have been ground into flour or meal, moistened and kneaded into a dough, and then baked.
o  Unleavened flat breads have been eaten since Neolithic times (10,000 )
o  Except Asia, where the preferred grain is rice, bread has long been a world wide staple.
o  The discovery of fermentation is attributed to the Egyptians, who also invented baking ovens.
o  Bread is high in complex carbohydrates and a good source of B vitamins.
o  Whole grain bread is higher in protein, has twice the fiber, and generally has more vitamins and minerals than white bread.
o  Grains, seeds, nuts and fruit can be added to bread for flavor and texture.
o  Unleavened bread (e.g. matzo) uses no leavening and therefore is quite flat.
o  Quick breads require no kneading and use baking soda, baking powder or eggs to leaven the bread.
o  A yeast batter bread uses strenuous beating instead of kneading to the same end.
o  Made with a mixed wheat and rye dough, the light rye breads are popular in the United States.
o  Dark rye breads are common in Europe.
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